Wednesday, November 2, 2016

National Novel Writing Month

I'm finally doing it this year. Participating in National Novel Writing Month. It's been a November thing since 1999. I always say I'll do it, but generally forget or cringe.

I haven't written anything new in over 7 years. Lots has happened to me in that time. I became an EMT. Worked outside of the home. Lost both parents and a sister. Cared for an old dog with special needs. Welcomed a rescue puppy into my heart. Became an empty nester. Including my son's parrot and daughter's dog.

So I figure I've got lots more life lived to draw upon. Except I can't think of anything to write. No new characters are taunting me. No story inside just needs to burst out.

I'm doing as all successful writers do. I'm writing anyway. Right now I'm just moving through my old writing prompts.  I figure eventually something will take root and I'll have my 'ah ha!' moment and my story will spew forth.

Are you stuck too? Try one of my writing prompts. They work.

Happy writing!