Monday, July 28, 2014

Zumba is Still Not for Me

In my weight loss journey, I've tried Zumba several times. It's an ethnic inspired group dance choreographed to pulsating, infectious music. I'm currently on a quest to take as many different group exercise classes as possible for cross-training, to intersperse with my running. I want to move as many muscles as many different ways as possible.

I've never been coordinated. I only enjoy slow dancing. I gave Zumba one more whirl tonight. And slipped out 15 minutes into the class. There is no air conditioning in the studio due to construction on the gym expansion. The class was crowded and I could not see the instructor on stage, so I was monkey see monkey do following the lady in front of me. I didn't do very well, so I made my way to the ladies' gym where I ran 15 minutes and did the stair climber 15 more. I came home and vacuumed 20 minutes.

I don't think I'll try the Les Mills Body Pump class this year either. I don't like lifting weights set to pulsating music for an hour, especially since most of the moves are squats and I never feel anything in my glutes.

However, I am loving that I have revisited the cycling studio, the very hard boot camp yoga PiYo class as well as a low impact cardio class by Les Mills, Body Vive.

I am woman, watch me shrink and tone.

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