Thursday, July 2, 2015

On Writing and Romance

N & W 611 in Manassas, VA
On Writing:
Busy, bustling week. Found a fourth 5 Star review for INAPPROPRIATE on Amazon. It really boosted my lackluster feelings about me writing books that apparently only I want to read. Thank you to all readers who take the time to post reviews. Personally, I will not review a book that I feel deserves less than 3 stars, but only because it hits close to home and do unto others.

I held a poll to help me select which of four old works-in-progress to serialize on my blog. The page got a thousand impressions and two votes. So the winner is the romance, Unchained Melody, the sequel to Fully Involved Fire. I've posted the first page and will post another page every Wednesday. I've got it all set up through the end of July. If it's a hit, I'll keep it coming.

Since only two of my books sell, I'm revamping my promo efforts to focus on them. I'll still auto-promote the others with the stuff already in the Hootsuite and Jukebox hoppers, but not often. I've created three dozen new promos for INAPPROPRIATE and will make more.

I've begun refurbishing my book links to include more markets and international options. It takes a long time. I think the INAPPROPRIATE page links are looking smart now.

On Romance:
Had a two day whirlwind trip with my hunky husband. We saw an historic steam train, the Southern Railway 4501 in Radford, Virginia. Chased it. I videotaped it and we also enjoyed photos while it was parked. Lunch at Macado's which included sour cream and onion dip. Then we rode our tandem bicycle built for two on the Dora trail. That was awesome! A tree-lined canopy, high wooden bridges, horses, dog walkers and other cyclists. We drove into North Carolina for the night and the next day enjoyed the Lionel Factory Store, shopping at the Concord Mills Outlet Mall, lunch at a brick oven pizza joint, Tony Sacco's, and then we saw the hilarious movie Entourage before stopping at Jack in the Box for 20 tacos to bring home. We don't have that chain in Virginia.