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My Melanoma

Melanoma is the #1 Cause of Cancer Deaths for Young Americans By SHERRY MORRIS
This article was written in 2005 and is regularly updated.
The largest mole on the left shoulder blade was my melanoma in situ which is the very earliest Stage 0. It looked like a normal mole to me. If my nurse practitioner hadn’t suspected it, I’d be walking around with invasive cancer now, oblivious until it settled into my lungs, liver or brain. Notice how white I am. I’ve never had a suntan and always use sunscreen. I apologize for not having a close up of the mole. This photograph was taken so I could see the back of my hair at the Love & Hope Ball. I didn’t take a before and after picture of the malignancy because I never in a billion years dreamed it would be cancerous. I’m still in shock that I have Melanoma, I didn’t think I was at risk.

That’s correct. My dermatologist advised me Melanoma is the leading cause of cancer deaths for Americans between the ages of …



Story Summary:
In World War II Washington, Miss Della Davis toils on the night shift in the President's typing pool. She likes the quiet as she goes about transcribing sensitive documents into an embarrassingly erotic government code. She also likes a certain Secret Service Agent Jones, who frequents her lonely office with a debonair smile and a sack of hamburgers. But Della wants more. She yearns for intrigue and danger. To be a woman for her country. Agent Jones has one thing on his mind--to make Della forget about her career and yearn only for him. He sets up an elaborate sting. Will she take the bait or are women the smarter sex?

Serial Fiction: Mistake 30

Click here to read this serial from the beginning~*~Norma Jean greeted me as I waved to the blur of Tammy’s teal Thunderbird flying into the noon sun. I closed and locked the etched glass front door and petted my dog. “Doctor Claytor said I’m not any worse girl. I guess that’s good news. So I’ll just have to try harder to stay awake...Scooby snack?”Norman Jean charged into the kitchen to the counter where I keep a big jar of dog biscuits.“Sit.”She did.“Lay down.”She did.I handed her the treat as she lurched up, grabbed it in her massive jaws and ran to the green Oriental rug under the kitchen table to relax upon while feasting.I climbed the stairs to the master bedroom and flipped the light on in my walk-in closet. I tugged a green laundry basket off the top shelf, over the rod and lowered the folded blankets and sheets to the floor. I carefully opened the layers of the Christmas flannel fitted sheet and pulled Mike’s manuscript out. I placed it on the off white carpet. I groped aroun…

Serial Fiction: Mistake 29

Click here to read this serial from the beginningChapter Seven
I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You
I sat shivering in the tissue paper the medical system favors. Keeps laundry costs down and all of that. I adjusted the opening of the sleeveless top, trying to keep my breasts covered as I gripped the drape around my rear. My toes appeared periwinkle, dangling over the table. I stared out the second story window, in between the white vertical blind slats. Another building across the way, some activity in the parking lot, you know, people walking and driving around. A delivery truck. Must be an icky job picking up those specimen containers and taking them to the lab. Knuckles rapped on the exam room door.I never say come in. Dr. Brenda Claytor came in. “Good morning, Miz Payne. How’re you?” She feigned caring while flipping through my chart.“I’m having problems staying awake and I get headaches. It feels like a hippopotamus is sitting on my shoulders and my head is inserted in his rear end.”“F…

Serial Fiction: Mistake 28

Click here to read this serial from the beginning~*~Awakening on my four poser bed, all warm and snuggly underneath white cotton sheets and a blue damask comforter, I listened. I detected the drone from a construction site in the distance. No doubt they were moving dirt under the lights at the office parcel in the front of my development. The latest phase of my planned community. It would be nice when they built the commuter train station, but that was at least a decade off.I heard water running in the bathroom across the hall. And Perry singing in the shower. He apparently left his heart in San Francisco. Not that I think he really had one to begin with.I detected the slight shaking of the floor trusses echoing from the guest room. Tammy must’ve been doing her step aerobics. I let a out a big sigh. I guess it’s nice having people around for a change. Living alone was well, alone. We’ll see how long I can take these two. Or more likely, until they show their true colors and I realize …

Serial Fiction: Mistake 27

Click here to read this serial from the beginning~*~“Oh-Donna, wake up!” Tammy demanded. “You know, you’re eventually gonna have to get some medication for your condition. You can’t spend your whole life asleep.”She’s right. I’ll never get the revisions completed on Mike’s manuscript if I can’t stay awake. And I can’t begin a new work of my own until I finish his. I will be published. I will make that happen. In the prime of my life I will make my dreams come true. I have stories to tell that only I can voice. And the world needs new stories. Mine. And Mike’s. Damn it.Tammy picked up the revision letter. I snatched it from her.“What are you doing, Oh-Donna?” she accused.“None of your business.”“You said that book belonged to the geezer’s heirs.”“Yeah.”“So why are you reading it? Isn’t that against the law or something?”“Mind your own business Tammy.”“Just where would you send it, if you did want to get it published?”“To a reputable literary house.”“Such as?”“Really Good Books, Charlat…

Serial Fiction: Mistake 26

Click here to read this serial from the beginning~♥~Percussion. Percussion and piano seeped into my mind. Burt Baccarat-esq. I began humming along to “Say a Little Prayer”. Staring at the black type on the white paper, the characters danced and marched. I felt myself being pulled almost cartoon-ishly into the story. I closed my eyes and folded my hands prayer-like. I dove right in.When I opened my eyes—there he was. My dream weaver, Ashley. And he was holding a Winnie the Pooh beach towel. I stepped out of the aquamarine surf and he enveloped me into the towel. Ashley gently dried my face and said, “Hello love. What took you so long?”“Oh, I was reading a good book.”“Funny you should mention good books. I’ve got someone I think you’d like to watch.” Ashley briskly dried me off. My nipples responded to the extra stimulation as he lingered over my itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini top. We took a circuitous path from the beach to the bungalow and peeked in the side window.I …

Serial Fiction: Mistake 25

Click here to read this serial from the beginningI locked my front door and threw my back against it. Thank goodness they finally took off for work.I carried my oversized palm tree motif mug of coffee to the glass topped table in my living room. I slurped a hot gulp and then settled into the recliner. I dug in my purse and yanked out Mike’s manuscript.Reading the revision letter from the editor, I tried to assimilate what she wanted. It seemed pretty straight forward. I just had to show action, not narrate, watch out for missing words and move the subplot resolution to an epilogue. I pressed the four hundred pages to my chest. Smiling, I said, “This is for you Mike. I’ll try my best to get you published. Your life’s love was not in vain.I set the letter aside and began reading.Okay, I knew right away what the editor meant about missing words. She obviously thinks people speak in complete sentences. Yeah right. Assistant Editor Betty McNeely is probably a twenty-one year old size zero …