Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Movie Review: THE MARTIAN

I was a bit worried about watching The Martian, worried it wouldn't have a happy ending. I require a happy ending. I'd avoided reading reviews, so I wasn't sure. I was happy it didn't start on earth, it started on Mars, with a storm brewing. The movie made me want to learn more, be smarter, think smarter, get smarter. A lone astranaut is left behind on Mars and must put aside his fear/inevitability of impending death and instead use his brain, education and experience to improvise and solve every basic problem:  Food, water, oxygen and how to communicate with NASA and how to get home.

I was quickly on the edge of my seat with my face in my hands. Much better movie than the George Clooney & Julia Roberts astronaut flick. Bravo to the writers of the novel and script. Bravo to the actors, directors and crew.

Some brief rear male nudity, you might not want young kids to see it anyway, since it's kind of scary.


Maurice and Franklin

Maurice and Franklin