Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fantastic Ab Workout Video

I've been a Denise Austin fan since the 90's when I began trying to lose weight and firm up after having 9 pound babies. Her voice is so soothing and encouraging, I just love how consistently perky she is. Seriously. Anyhow, fast forward to now and I'm a runner. And a yogi. But I've always searched for an effective core workout. The CXWorx class and the Pilates Mat classes at the gym didn't engage my tummy muscles in a way that tightened them. The new yoga teacher, Anne, does an awesome core series in some classes, but I wanted more.

I found this video on YouTube and it's the best ab workout I've ever tried! I don't know how it's possible, but Ms. Austin actually has exercises that I've never been exposed to. And she doesn't make me do multiple sets of the same thing, so there is no dread and longing for them to be done because I'm not in terrific pain. I do all of them. Hours later, I'm sore. Yippee!

This is my go-to core workout.  Thank you Denise Austin, BeFit and YouTube!