Monday, May 25, 2015

Plateau Smashed

Weight 133
I finally broke through another plateau! I weighed in at 133 pounds today. I had to research (because it's been over a year since I've been trying to lose weight) to find that I started at 150 pounds last spring. So that means I've lost 17 pounds. According to the BMI charts, since I'm 5' tall, my healthy weight range is 97 to 127 pounds. So I am 6 pounds away from a healthy weight again, hooray! I want to get below 120, because I know I felt wonderful at that weight after birthing my babies. My youngest is 22, so it's been quite a while. 

I'm eating mostly whole, unprocessed foods and controlling my portions. I gave up Diet Coke and artificial sweeteners. So I only drink water, unsweetened tea and skim milk. And I'm trying to run again but it's hard to get motivated. At least I'm walking. I'm limiting my treadmill steps to 5K per day. Two reasons: when I over do the treadmill, my plantar fascitis flares up and then I'm miserable; and I consider the treadmill cheating. I need to be naturally more active throughout my life.

Come on 127! I can't wait to celebrate!