Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bee Aware

Attended a lovely bridal shower today at a local winery. While the bride-to-be was opening gifts, a bee flew into her drink and drown. I was relieved as it had been buzzing and landing on everyone at my table. A good half an hour later, the bride-to-be fished it out of her drink and up on to the edge of the goblet. She then opened a few more gifts while proclaiming the bee was shaking it's head. We watched as it miraculously crawled on the rim and then flew away!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Out of the Mouths of Boys

Today was quite eye-popping and giggly for me. Gotta laugh, not taking things harsh thank goodness. Strange boys have been telling me things I knew and had been meaning to do something about.

I have a new video doorbell. I saw boys canvassing the neighborhood today, figured they were either selling something or saving souls. I didn't bother answering, rather I went to the restroom. When I later played the incident on my phone, it was two boys in really dapper band uniforms. While they were waiting for a response, Boy one explained the workings of the doorbell. Boy two observed, "A problem with white houses is they show dirt." 

I absolutely had a fit of laughter. I recently installed two solar spotlights to shine on my front door to illuminate the house number for first responders. Instead of spiders catching mosquitos under the porch light, they are now cocooning around the whole door. I'd just noticed this and had put cleaning it on my mental to-do list. It will be done tomorrow morning.

This evening, I posted the above photograph on Twitter as a writing prompt. A young man responded with a story start about a family of five losing their cameras. I praised him and he then added " Also, the elderly lady in row 3, her teeth fall out and land in Mrs. Dooras' hair"

Another gotcha! I'm the lady in row 3 but I'm not chronologically elderly yet. I know I need a makeover, time to get to my hairdresser.

Out of the mouths of babes.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Writing Prompt #40: Bad Dream

Your character is sleep deprived. Why? Is there a newborn baby in the house? Is your character a patient in the emergency room at the hospital and they keep prodding him/her? Is your character under interrogation at the police station/undisclosed location? Is he/she attempting a record breaking athletic attempt such as swimming a great distance? Something entirely different?

Your character is finally able to doze off. And has the most terrifying nightmare of his/her life. What is he/she most afraid of? His or her enemy is using this personal fright item on the one person/animal dearest to your character and he/she is helpless to save him/her.

End the scene.

Your character then wakes up, heart pounding, drenched in perspiration and totally terrified, afraid to open his/her eyes. There is a noise. Something in the room. Someone in the room.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Writing Prompt #39: Some Like it Hot

It's the hottest day and night on record. Ten degrees hotter than it's ever been before.

How does this heat change your setting?

What adjustments do your characters need to make to go about their daily lives?

What if your protagonist must be outside in this heat? What if he/she is stranded? On the verge of heat stroke?

The only path out is through a fire. Is it a building, a forest, an atmosphere or perhaps it literally is raining fire?

Your protagonist makes it out of the fire and into a cool climate controlled room. He/she is late. There is Hell to pay.