Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Serial Fiction: Mistake 19

I reluctantly opened my eyes to see my sister dressed in a pink silk pants suit, tailored to show off her perfectly altered boobs.
“Whaddaya want?” I groaned.
“It’s time to check out. We’ve got to drive up to Fort Lauderdale, return the rental car, drop the dog at the pet receiving place and get through security. Are you gonna take a shower or what? You look like crap.”
I stood up and shuffled out of the closet. Perry was noshing on croissants and bacon. He said, “Jeeze you look like shit Oh-Donna. Poof your hair or something.”
“Good morning to you to, Cary Grant.”
He grinned and shifted to release a noxious cloud.
Tammy squealed, “Eww Perry. Stop that!”
He laughed and clicked the remote.
I grabbed the handle on my duffle bag and rolled it into the steamed up bathroom. I untangled my purse straps from the suitcase handle. I unzipped it and stuffed my hand inside. Good, the manuscript was still there. I locked the door and undressed.
The hot shower pelted my shoulders. Felt great. Oh-no! Norma Jean needs to be walked! I stumbled onto the soaked bath mat and stuck my head out the door. “Perry, please take Norma Jean for a walk. She needs to do number one and number two.”
Tammy yelled, “Hurry up in there Oh-Donna.”
“Perry, please?”
“Not a problem. I’ll grab some doughnuts on the way.”
Shivering, I stepped back under the hot spray. It’s funny. Perry and Tammy have no feelings for other people, if there isn’t something in it for them. But for some reason, they are kind to my dog. It’s weird, because we didn’t have any pets when we were growing up.


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