Friday, February 24, 2017

Serial Fiction: Mistake 28

Awakening on my four poser bed, all warm and snuggly underneath white cotton sheets and a blue damask comforter, I listened. I detected the drone from a construction site in the distance. No doubt they were moving dirt under the lights at the office parcel in the front of my development. The latest phase of my planned community. It would be nice when they built the commuter train station, but that was at least a decade off.
I heard water running in the bathroom across the hall. And Perry singing in the shower. He apparently left his heart in San Francisco. Not that I think he really had one to begin with.
I detected the slight shaking of the floor trusses echoing from the guest room. Tammy must’ve been doing her step aerobics.
I let a out a big sigh. I guess it’s nice having people around for a change. Living alone was well, alone. We’ll see how long I can take these two. Or more likely, until they show their true colors and I realize the joke’s been on me.
My shoulders jerked as the phone rang. I reached over and glanced at the green back lit L.E.D. readout. “Unknown”. Great. Probably a telemarketer.

I let the machine in the kitchen pick it up and rolled over.
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